Are You Struggling to Get Pregnant with PCOS?

In my signature 6-week program you'll get the blueprint to having regular periods so you can get pregnant naturally and feel energized to take on motherhood

..without expensive fertility treatments, invasive methods or prescription drugs.

With self-paced video modules, 1:1 support, and clear, actionable steps you too can join the hundreds of other women who have taken control of their fertility with PCOS.

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You've lived with PCOS for years... 

And honestly, it’s been a rollercoaster.

Not seeing your period for months at a time is no surprise, and you’re no stranger to disappointing doctor's appointments.

You’ve gone on the birth control pill to “solve things,” only to end up with a whole new set of problems. 

And now that you’re trying to conceive, your doctor’s ready to prescribe another medication (maybe Clomid?) to get your period back, but there’s no guarantee it will work. Maybe it already hasn’t.

So you’ve tried to figure things out on your own. 

You’ve turned to Google & even gurus online for what you should be eating to manage your PCOS, but here you are, still not ovulating.

From the day you received your diagnosis, you were told getting pregnant might be tricky. 

But the “might be’s” never actually felt real until now –when you’re ready to grow your family.


Here's the thing...

You didn’t always think not getting a regular period (naturally) was a problem. 

But now you’re told that if you want to get pregnant, your only option is to…


 Make weekly visits to the fertility clinic (often more than once) 

 Test different medications (usually several rounds)

  Receive hormonal injections (which often lead to a hormonal imbalance later on)

 Pay thousands of dollars (12k on average, sometimes more)

… and pregnancy is not even a guarantee.

And if you don’t love that game plan, you’re told to –

 “Just keep trying.”


I know this process is discouraging, but don’t beat yourself up for being in this place.

Your body is not failing you. Conventional medicine is.

Unfortunately, this system falls short when it comes to helping women get pregnant naturally.

But the good news is there are SO many natural treatments to consider before turning to IVF or medication!

And I’m here to show you what’s possible.




A 6-week program following a proven framework that’s designed to heal the root cause of your PCOS, so you can have regular periods and get pregnant naturally.

Over the course of this 6-week program, you'll:

✓ Receive high-level support exactly where you’re at in your fertility journey.

✓ Discover how to maximize treatments by learning what’s best for your body.

✓ Develop habits to support fertility and overall health that are realistic and sustainable for you.

✓ Learn why certain medications are prescribed to women with PCOS who are trying to conceive & how you can get those same results naturally. 


And you wanna know the best part?

You don’t stop reaping the rewards once our time together is over. In fact, the *real* gifts reveal themselves after the program when you…

✓ Get your period each month. 

✓ Find out you’re pregnant!

✓ Have the energy to actually take on motherhood.

✓ Are equipped with the tools you need to support your body forever.


This is what I so passionately want for you! 

It’s what you deserve. And it’s all possible for you.

What We’re Covering Inside The Program…

MODULE #1: Managing your PCOS

In this module, you’ll receive guidance that will lay the foundation on how to live with and manage your PCOS, so that you can experience the best results throughout this program (and forever).

You’ll learn: 

  • Why to place your trust in naturopathic medicine 
  • Signs & long term risks of PCOS
  • The 4 types of PCOS (yes, there are types!) & how to determine which type you have
  • Which labs to ask for from your PCP/OBGYN
  • Core 4 supplements for starting to heal PCOS

BONUS! Video on how DUTCH hormone testing can be helpful to you.


MODULE #2: Blood Sugar 101

In this module, you’ll learn how to balance your blood sugar in a way that’s practical for you so you can support your fertility. This is *essential* for ovulating each month and getting pregnant.

You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to pair carbs, protein, and fat
  • How blood sugar impacts fertility
  • Exercises that support blood sugar
  • How to build a PCOS-friendly plate
  • Basic habits for balanced blood sugar 

BONUS! List of supplements that support blood sugar.

MODULE #3: Nutrition Mastery

In this module, we’re talking all things gut and nutrition, so you understand what food & beverages affect your fertility and why.

You’ll learn:

  • Why gut health matters
  • How to have a healthy bowel movement
  • The truth behind gluten and PCOS 
  • How to identify food intolerances
  • How alcohol affects your hormones

BONUS! Video on how to complete an elimination challenge.

MODULE #4: Controlling Cortisol

In this module, you’ll learn how to control stress in the body to support healthy hormones and effectively manage your PCOS. 

You’ll learn:

  • How cortisol impacts hormones
  • Basic (but effective) stress management techniques
  • How coffee affects your adrenals (& why that matters)
  • Movement to best support your hormones
  • How to finally get a better night’s sleep (without medication!)

BONUS! List of supportive supplements for sleep and stress.

MODULE #5: Restoring Ovulation

In this module, you’ll focus on restoring the beautiful process of ovulation, so your body is ready and able to become pregnant. 

You’ll learn:

  • The 4 phases of the menstrual cycle
  • How to track your cycle
  • Why you aren’t ovulating
  • How to finally start ovulating
  • Natural methods to increase progesterone (which is essential for supporting a fertilized egg)

BONUS! Video lesson on improving male fertility.

MODULE #6: Preparing for Pregnancy

Now that you’ve optimized your body’s fertility, you’re ready to actively prepare for pregnancy. (Giddy dance!)

You’ll learn:

  • How thyroid health affects pregnancy
  • Best sex practices for getting pregnant
  • How to identify your fertile window
  • Supplements for improving egg health

BONUSES! Video lesson on how our environment affects our hormones. 


Each module includes approximately 1-hour of video lessons along with supporting handouts,

so you can take action on what you've learned.


You’ll also get unlimited chat support throughout the entire program. 

So if you have a question (or a juicy win!), just holler. I wanna know!


“I am 5 months pregnant and thriving.” 

“We were trying to conceive for 3 years. Now, several months after working with Dr. Danielle, I am 5 months pregnant and thriving. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the knowledge and help of Dr. Danielle!”   

-Nicole, 32

“It has brought me a whole new perspective on a condition that I thought was just a destiny and not manageable.”

“It's been life-changing. It has brought me a whole new perspective on a condition that I thought was just a destiny and not manageable. Now I am ending this program pregnant and with a whole different mindset.”

- Keri B., 31

What Makes This Program Different From What’s Out There?

Unlike conventional approaches that require medications (many of which actually harm your hormone health) and expensive fertility treatments (like IVF), The PCOS Pregnancy Protocol uses natural therapies like nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes to address the root cause of problems.

So rather than just covering up symptoms, like birth control and other medications do, this approach puts YOU in the driver’s seat, allowing you to actually manage your PCOS effectively.  

So you can exhale a sigh of relief knowing your life is not dictated by a diagnosis.

Did Somebody Say Bonuses?

Bonus #1: Bloodwork Review by a PCOS Expert

Sick of being told "All your labs look fine", and not knowing what that means? Find out exactly what lab tests to ask your doctor for, then submit your results and Dr. Danielle will review them and provide feedback.

Bonus #2: DUTCH Hormone Panel

Have you been curious about your hormone health? Wondering if anything is out of balance? You don’t have to guess anymore. You’ll have the opportunity to do a DUTCH hormone panel (optional) once you’re enrolled in the program.


Bonus #3: 1:1 Call with Me

If you choose to do a DUTCH hormone test, you’ll also get a 45-minute 1:1 call with me to review your results! This way you can truly understand what’s happening with your hormones and how that affects you. Plus, I can answer any lingering questions. 


Bonus #4:  Additional Education

Within each module, you’ll receive additional lesson videos and handouts on health & fertility. So, in addition to the education given around the module’s topic, you’ll also receive materials on important topics like male fertility, the effects of environmental toxins on fertility, pelvic PT, & more.


Bonus #5: Access to Medical-Grade Supplements

Over the course of the program, you’ll find out what supplements your body needs to support fertility based on your lab results. You’ll then get access to the highest quality supplements available because your body deserves nothing less.


Bonus #6:  PCOS-Friendly Recipes

Do you struggle creating different meals that support your PCOS? Get equipped with delicious & simple PCOS-friendly recipes – including breakfast, lunch, and dinner – that focus on balancing blood sugar. This is NOT a meal plan, but meal ideas to support your body!



Like you, I know what it's like to feel a lack of control over your body.

In my past life (AKA a decade ago) I was a professional ballet dancer, at which time I developed an eating disorder that ended my career. By the time I left the ballet world, I hadn’t gotten a period in over two years. I was exhausted, losing hair, and painfully bloated. 

After being dismissed by my doctor, I sought answers on my own, which led me down the path to becoming a doctor. It was then that I discovered I had developed Hashimoto’s – an autoimmune condition that results in the same symptoms as PCOS.

Eventually I learned which supplements were right for my body, how to eat to support my hormones, & how to exercise in a way that left me feeling energized – not exhausted. Just like that, I was myself again.

Fast forward to today, and it’s my life’s mission to teach women with similar health issues how to optimize their hormones, so they can live on their own terms.

I’ve helped dozens of women go from feeling hopeless to thriving with PCOS, and confident in their ability to get pregnant.


That’s exactly what I want for you.

I knew from our initial call you would be such a positive person in my life but I didn’t know you were going to be that angel that allowed me to get my life and my health back.”

There are no words that will really paint the picture of how truly grateful I am to have your help in balancing my hormones, losing weight and getting my period back. You surpassed my expectations. I knew from our initial call you would be such a positive person in my life but I didn’t know you were going to be that angel that allowed me to get my life and my health back. I was told I was overweight and to expect to not have kids and you told me and showed how untrue that was. Thank you, thank you thank you."

- Olga D., 27



What if you could… 

✔️have a natural pregnancy 

✔️get a period without medication

✔️wake up feeling calm, but energized

✔️fall asleep when your head hits the pillow

✔️feel confident in your own body 


… and all you need is the RIGHT support?


The Health Provider Guarantee


know there are a lot of people on the internet these days making some pretty lofty claims. It can be hard to know who to trust. I want you to feel confident when you place your trust in me.


As your healthcare provider for the duration of this program, I promise you:


A Proven Framework

I’ve used this exact framework to help dozens of women heal their PCOS, have a regular period, and become pregnant. Many of these same women had been told IVF was their only option.


Fertility-Focused Methods

This program was designed with the goal of fertility & pregnancy. Each module serves a purpose in getting you one step closer to that goal. 


Expert Support

You deserve to feel seen and heard by your doctor. I promise to give you the highest level of support I can offer along with expert recommendations during our time together.

“Here we are now, successfully 21 weeks pregnant with a little boy on the way!!” 

“Dr. Danielle was so eager to help me get this (recurrent miscarriages) figured out right away! She submitted multiple tests through my OB-GYN of what seemed like some things my OB-GYN should have looked at herself but was never brought up!  

Well sure enough, with every test something came back off, but my OB-GYN said I was in what they consider the “normal range” & Dr. Danielle did not accept that!! She changed my diet & increased a lot of supplements & here we are now successfully 21wks pregnant with a little boy on the way!! I am so grateful for Dr. Danielle & truly don’t think I’d be here right now if it weren’t for her knowledge & assistance with my body!!!” 

- Nikki, 36

“I used to feel like the fire inside me was so dim, but now it’s burning bright!”

“I'm not exaggerating when I say I am a completely different person!!! I have heaps of energy and I fall asleep almost immediately when I used to lay awake for hours. My anxiety has disappeared. My mood feels stabilized, clear, and calm. I had my first period within a normal window of time (32 days!). I used to feel like the fire inside of me was so dim, but now it's burning bright! And we're not even done with the program yet!”

-Gillian, 26 


All program options are less than 1/10th the cost of IVF. Plus, it’s natural! 

Payment Plan


2 Monthly Payments

  • Immediate life-time access to all 6 video modules
  • Printable shopping lists, lab tests, PCOS-meal planning guide and more
  • 80+ PCOS-friendly recipes
  • 1:1 chat support with Dr. Danielle x 6 weeks
  • Submit bloodwork results for review and feedback
  • Submit 1-day food journal review and feedback
  • VIP Upgrade: DUTCH comprehensive hormone testing and 1:1 coaching call

Pay In Full


One Time Payment

  • Immediate life-time access to all 6 video modules
  • Printable shopping lists, lab tests, PCOS-meal planning guide and more
  • 80+ PCOS-friendly recipes
  • 1:1 chat support with Dr. Danielle x 6 weeks
  • Submit bloodwork results for review and feedback
  • Submit 1-day food journal review and feedback
  • VIP Upgrade: DUTCH comprehensive hormone testing and 1:1 coaching call


If you aren’t completely satisfied with the PCOS Pregnancy Protocol, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Still have questions? 

Send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

PCOS is NOT an infertility sentence.


It IS possible to have a regular period. It IS possible to ovulate every month. And it IS possible to have a healthy, natural pregnancy with PCOS. 


Join dozens of other women who’ve walked through the exact steps laid out in The PCOS Pregnancy Protocol and are now getting a regular period (or not due to pregnancy! Wahoo!) and are feeling like their most vibrant selves.